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Tribal Payday Loans Online

What are tribal payday loans online

Payday loans online are generally short-term loans provided online by Native American Tribe for amounts of money less than $1,500. These loans may have higher interest rates and fees than standard personal loans, which means that borrowers could face a hard repayment process.

Because tribal and federal regulations for payday loans online are generally weaker than those in some states, particularly states with strong consumer protections, tribal payday loans are generally more accessible. 

Tribal payday loans may also have higher interest rates than regular payday loans because they are not subject to limits set by state legislatures. 

Since the companies offering the loans are located on tribal rather than state-owned land, they are subject only to tribal lending regulations and federal lending regulations rather than state and federal regulations.

The CFPB does not have a specific definition for tribal payday loans and the term has no particular legal meaning. However, other good sources indicate that tribal payday loans online are loans on internet offered by companies claiming to be located on tribal lands rather than on specific state lands.

Tribal payday loan borrowers may find it more difficult to discharge the loan in the event of bankruptcy, to refinance the loan, and to enforce their rights when lenders demand payment. 


Tribal Payday Loans are a bit different than traditional online payday loans. Online payday loans are most of the time referred as “quick loans” or “short term loans” and are frequently offered in amounts of $100 to $1,000.00. Payday loans should be repaid when you receive your next pay check (within a week or two). Many tribal loans are not considered to be online payday loans because they offer similar features offered with personal loans or installment loans. If you need to borrow a small amount, or you prefer the use of an online payday loan, this may be a good alternative to consider.


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